Thursday, May 10, 2012

Introducing Cookie-Pops...

The Best Think Since the Cookie Monster

As a mom of three boys, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen making cookies. I also quickly learned that bringing cookies to clients was a good way to make friends fast. I worked in the broadcast media industry and when my clients at advertising agencies saw me coming, they knew I came loaded. They would follow me up elevators and down long halls waiting for me to present my gift to my buyer and then they pounced. A win-win because we both became popular.

It is with this experience that I decided to start my own business spreading cheer with Francie's Cookie-Pops. They are perfect for every occasion. Kids parties, real estate open houses, college gifts baskets, get well gifts for hospital guests, with the check at restaurants, client gifts...the list goes on.

Oh, did I tell you that they are all natural and absolutely delicious? Chocolate chip toll house cookies are my one and only specialty. So grab them now, and find out how popular you become!

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Francie Finn